Running Backwards: Finding a Structure for Biography

Have you seen that man in the Kingfisher gym in NUI Galway that runs backwards on the treadmill? He’s not as unique as you might think: it has become quite the trend. I see them on the roadside now, jogging along with the traffic, serious faces and muscly legs. At first, it simply intrigued me – I nearly crashed the car straining to watch how they kept balance and avoided potholes. Then I wanted nothing more than to roll down the window and ask why, why, why? It was when I saw the sixth or seventh backwards-runner (do they have an actual name?) that something clicked and I understood… They do it to exercise different muscles. They do it because when they turn around again, they run faster and with infinitely more agility and focus. Continue reading “Running Backwards: Finding a Structure for Biography”


I Love You, Zotero!

After a brief, unfulfilling relationship with EndNote I switched to Zotero some time ago and I’ve never looked back. The following is a bit about how Zotero works, and how I make Zotero work for me.

Zotero stores citations in the cloud which you can then access and organise through a desktop version. EndNote does have a web version, but it felt almost incidental to the desktop version. With Zotero it is completely integrated. You make a change on your computer, it appears in the online version straight away, and vice versa. Continue reading “I Love You, Zotero!”