Seven months in and already with the highs and lows!

The roller coaster of emotions has already begun. Really? This has been a hard pill to swallow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that the PhD process is an intense one that can lead any one of us down a dark path from time to time. I just figured that this would happen a little bit further in (like when I’ve rightfully earned my self-pity). Truth be told, it’s the writing bit that sends shivers down my spine. Yes I know, writing is a big part of doing a PhD. This has not just occurred to me. When the writing happens and it’s good (in my estimation) it’s as though the planets align. I have a visceral response that manifests as a twinge in my eye sockets and butterflies in my belly, and not of the nervous kind. When the writing doesn’t come it can be frustrating, demoralising and like trying to run rocks through a sieve. On top of this, I’m not a speedy reader nor do I synthesize the information I’ve read very quickly. This makes things a little more challenging and, at times, anguishing. Continue reading “Seven months in and already with the highs and lows!”