PhD Parenting – But I don’t have any time for exercise!

“Look after yourself, make time for yourself, exercise.” You’ll hear this advice several times during your first year as a PhD student. Healthy body, healthy PhD. Or something like that.

When I first went to college (back in the early ’90s, or ‘the old days’ as I tell my daughter), my friends and I scorned the newly-built sports centre at UCD. Aerobics? Wasn’t that something for sissies?  Continue reading “PhD Parenting – But I don’t have any time for exercise!”


PhD Parenting

It’s strange being a PhD student with a small child.

Semester two has passed us by in a glorious and seemingly never-ending whirlpool of pre-school illness: ear infections, perforated ear drum, scarlet fever and vomiting bug (though I managed to avoid that one myself by taking hand washing to levels previously only observed in OCD sufferers). As I write, my daughter has laryngitis and a serious case of stay-at-home-with-mammy blues. So she’s watching ‘Traein na nDineasár’ (fact: if the cartoon is in Irish it’s educational) and I’m supposed to read for my theoretical framework (fact: reading theory is the most difficult PhD task you could decide to do with a four-year-old). But I’m far more interested in all the red spots appearing on my skin. Which childhood disease could this be? Continue reading “PhD Parenting”

Introduction to Creative Difference and Innovation’, Burren College of Art

The now legendary GS513, a compulsory two-part module for new Hardiman Scholars, is better known as ‘The Burren Trip’ and ‘The Burren Trip again’. Code GS513 involves being whisked off to Co. Clare under cover of darkness, on a stomach churning bus ride to a mysterious destination. Well, okay, we had all probably googled Ballyvaughan but there was still an air of mystery about the whole thing. Continue reading “Introduction to Creative Difference and Innovation’, Burren College of Art”