Lost in the Delta Quadrant


“Writing a thesis can be a lonely business.” So begins the blurb of the (excellent) Writing Group for PhD Students, which is run by the Academic Writing Centre.

Ha! I wish! I think to myself. Yes, it’s lonely … for my PhD. I’m fine, but my PhD is sitting in the garret, lonely, neglected, in a dusty half-opened box, crying quiet tears of neglect. Yes, I hear it cry, so I try to snatch a few hours here, a few hours there, to go in and meet with it. It has no other friends. Unfortunately, the meetings are so infrequent that we begin by reintroducing ourselves. Continue reading “Lost in the Delta Quadrant”


PhD Parenting – But I don’t have any time for exercise!

“Look after yourself, make time for yourself, exercise.” You’ll hear this advice several times during your first year as a PhD student. Healthy body, healthy PhD. Or something like that.

When I first went to college (back in the early ’90s, or ‘the old days’ as I tell my daughter), my friends and I scorned the newly-built sports centre at UCD. Aerobics? Wasn’t that something for sissies?  Continue reading “PhD Parenting – But I don’t have any time for exercise!”

Google Calendar = organizing my life = more guilt free time!

The long hours at the desk just didn’t seem to be adding up to good results. So, what to do? Find an efficient system that would help me organise my duties….Oughterard Pier

Continue reading “Google Calendar = organizing my life = more guilt free time!”

Ag múineadh agus ag déanamh taighde

Tá an seimeastar nua tosaithe agus sinn ar ais ag teagasc. Cé go dtaitníonn sé go mór liom bheith ag teagasc, agus b’fhéidir mar go dtaitníonn sé comh mór sin liom, cruthaíonn sé deacrachtaí dom. Cén chaoi is fearr le bainistiú a dhéanamh ar mo chuid ama? Continue reading “Ag múineadh agus ag déanamh taighde”

PhD versus regular work

Has anyone ever wondered: ‘Why did I start this PhD?’?????

During difficult moments of doubts and loneliness, you might have thought of what would be your life if you were not a PhD student.

Well, I suppose many of you would be working, probably in an office some where in a private or public institution.Do you think your life would be easier with a regular job then?

The answer is not necessarily yes…. Continue reading “PhD versus regular work”

Deireadh Seachtaine Fada

Looking forward to a break from the books this weekend. Tá an deireadh seachtaine fada buailte linn agus nach mé atá ag súil go mór leis.

Bring it on!!!

Beidh an comórtas clárseoltóireachta deirneach don bhliain ar siúl i gCinn Mhara an deireadh seachtaine seo agus cá bhfios ach go dtiocfadh an púca féin ar cuairt againn! Briseadh deas ó na leabhair don deireadh seachtaine….