PDF alibi syndrome

I read and owned this article! This article provides a necessary reminder that PhDs need to do that with all the material they accumulate. Worth a read.

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Top ten questions for the PhD oral exam

Black Irish Girl

Saw this article on #phdchat. Think it might be useful down the road. 11 months to go!!

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PhD Blogger’s How-To: So You Want to Blog (Academic Edition)

So You Want to Blog (Academic Edition)

What a summer.

I wrote and I read and I wrote and read and I went to conferences. Four conferences in fact. And I wrote a new paper for each conference. Yeh, not the best idea I’ve had recently. Somewhere in between that reading and writing and conference going I also made time for my husband and daughter.  Continue reading “PhD Blogger’s How-To: So You Want to Blog (Academic Edition)”