Open plan, not working

Open plan, not working. Alt maith ar an bhfírinne maidir le h-oifig phlean oscailte.

Oifig Phlean Oscailte

How are you finding our new open plan PhD space? Anyone else finding it claustrophobic and uncomfortable to work in? I take it there are a few who prefer to work elsewhere at the number of empty desks I see. I have to admit that when I really need to do some focused work or when I need to work through an idea I don’t come here to do it. I work at home where I have more space and privacy. For the more menial everyday tasks associated with writing a PhD it’s fine…that is I have become accustomed to working in this space where people are constantly coming and going and where there is absolutely no privacy. Is there a better way? What about the previous set up in AM206, did that work better for you? Would something of that style be a better compromise – an open space but definitely a feeling of having one’s own personal space? What do you think?

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