PhD and Body Coercion

Has anyone felt his or her body will freeze forever while writing up his or her PhD?

Has anyone felt tiredness, sore muscles, legs and eyes after a long day in front of his or her computer?

Nobody really talks about what a PhD involves body wise: BODY COERCION!

Foucault was so right while defining ‘disciplinary power’…the process of  becoming a disciplinary expert involves becoming a docile body, slaves to our computers, desks and seats. We completely internalized the posture of being seated for hours in front of our computers without questioning why we have to do that to produce a PhD in Arts (I guess PhD students  in sciences are more inclined to move around with lab work).

Here is a starting list of what I got from such body coercion while staring at the computer, immobilised for hours:

  1. Serious neck and back pain
  2. Sight loss
  3. Grey hair
  4. Wrinkles

And what about you?

Feel free to complete the list!


2 thoughts on “PhD and Body Coercion

  1. You are so right Aura. It has to be one of the most challenging aspects of writing a PhD, sitting in one place for hours on end. It is so unnatural. There are so many more creative ways we could go about researching and presenting research. I think it is time to start challenging the traditional methods of presentation. This would give us more freedom as to how we research as well as present and possibly then we could avoid all those horrible repetitive strain injuries that become ‘normal’ while writing a PhD.

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