Juggling Knives….

That’s what it feels like sometimes, you know, juggling knives, trying to cope with everything that’s thrown your way. In the early days of my Phd research it definitely feels a bit like that, a lot of things coming at me together and they all need to be kept on the go together…modules to attend, readings to be done before lectures, reading material for various aspects of my own research to be gathered, books to be located and bought, online articles to be printed etc. etc. All of these jobs may appear small and insignificant in their own right but when you throw them all up in the air you’d better be fast in order to catch them before they hit the ground.

It’s not all bad though, this is an exciting time too, a time for exploring and finding a foothold. It’s a bit like rock climbing really, one step at a time…and speaking of which my next step, which feels like a grade five climb, is to define documentary – in English it’s not so bad I can get away, at least for now, with just using the abbreviation documentary without qualifying with programme or film. In Irish however this difference is something I have to acknowledge and therefore address from the start – clár faisnéise nó scannán faisnéise? Cad é an difir idir clár agus scannán? Agus an gá an t-idirdhealú sin a dhéanamh? B’fhearr dom dul ag machnamh agus ag fiosrú….

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