Here is a list of some of the technology I am currently using to help with the project.

EndNote – Just trying to get to grips with EndNote (I’m working on a mac and the information session I attended was based on PC so it’s taking me a little longer to figure it out). I think this is going to save me a lot of time, when writing essays this term, when writing papers later and ultimately when I am writing up my final thesis. How did people manage before EndNote? I’m sure I would have spent weeks putting my bibliography together.

Google Scholar – Great for finding articles and books, for getting an overview of the books/articles written in a give area.

Nozbe – Recently came across this online tool for project management – mentioned as one of the tools used by another PhD student here at NUIG. I haven’t figured it out yet but it could be useful. I really need some help with the project management end of things. I put in the hours but I’m just not seeing the results. If I had a definite list of things to do then I would feel like I had achieved more.

Anyone got any other ideas or suggestions regarding project management??

Icombiner – a little tool I found this morning for my mac. It allows me to combine a number of jpeg’s into one pdf file. Very useful if you have taken some images on your


camera and want to combine them into one pdf file to print. Took me a long time to find but now will save me so much time.


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